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We host the following datasets freely available for download.

  • Synthetic Vessel Data 15 volumes of synthetic 3D vessel tree data that include CT-like volume (w/ std10 and std15 additive Gaussian noise respectively) and ground-truth vessel centerline tree.

  • Convexity Database A collection of 51 natural images with convex or almost convex objects. The database includes original images, user scribbles and segmentation results using our Convexity Trust Region method.
  • Convexity Trust Region code: download from here
  • Relevant paper: ECCV2014.

  • Max-flow problem instances in vision corresponding to segmentation, stereo, multiview reconstruction, and other problems in computer vision, graphics, and biomedical imaging. Instances are in DIMACS format and are useful for benchmarking max-flow/min-cut algorithms.